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I was born in Ankara in 1963. All my education and professional life, except for occasional small trips, have been spent in Ankara, where I still reside.

Actually, I cannot directly associate myself with photography. However, on the other hand, I find my profession as a civil engineer beneficial, as it provides me with an escape from technical matters and allows me to create photographs where everything settles into a geometric order and harmony, even if it's sometimes monotonous.

My first encounter with photography, aside from family snapshots, was in 2003 when I attended a course at the Ankara Photographers' Association (AFSAD). After that, I tried to develop my hobby by taking various classes and courses at different associations and workshops, and I'm still doing so.

I have participated in both personal and group exhibitions with my photographs, both in Turkey and abroad. I had five personal exhibitions: "Poland," displayed at the Polish Embassy in Ankara and AFSAD, as well as in Izmir, Konya, and Manisa. "Shipyard" in Bodrum, "Berlin im Detail" at the German Embassy in Ankara, "Porto" at the Balıkesir Photography Museum, and "daffodil" in Kaunas at the Kaunas Photography Gallery and in Ankara at Ka'da.

Additionally, I have taken part in various group exhibitions held in Ankara, Istanbul, Salzburg (Austria), Sopron (Hungary), Xanthi (Greece), Piacenza (Italy), and New York (USA).

My first book, "Footprints / I - Porto," was published in 2015. My second book, "daffodil," designed by Oğuz Karakütük (Ka), was awarded first place at "Self-Publish Riga 2018" organized by ISSP and was printed in Lithuania with the contributions of Kaunas Photography Gallery, KOPA Printing House, and Antalis LT & Antalis LV. My third book, "Salt Water," for which the first design was also done by Oğuz Karakütük and later redesigned by Onagöre - Ali Taptık, was published in May 2021.


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